Hardness measurement electronic HME 5.3



Hardness measurement electronics HME 5.3

  • Display suitable for graphics
  • Symbol-supported keyboard with alphanumerical input possibility
  • Incremental counter input 9pol or 12pol
  • Interface for printer
  • Serial data transfer via RS232
  • I/O-Interface
  • Optional EHT-counter input
  • Conversion of HB/HV-hardness values in HRC or Mpa
  • Statistic processing:
    - the number of parts: O.K, too hard, too soft
    - the median value
    - the standard deviation
    - the variation coefficient
    - the spreading width and number per class
Suitable test methods:
  • Rockwell
  • Brinell
  • HBW-T (Depth of Brinell)
  • Vickers
  • EHT-regulation