Reicherter Briviskop BL 1-1

Reicherter Briviskop BL 1-1 A retrofit and new varnished hardness tester in perfect condition and on the cutting edge of technology. Includes a network-compatible electronic and a digital matt screen.
  • Extremely insensitive to vibrations and rate of loading. It is suitable for laboratories as well as in rough production environments (e.g. foundries, forges)
  • Equipped with a digital measuring device EBV, a dimmable LED lighting device and a hardness measuring electronic HME-Compact whereby a high inspection performance and high inspection accurancy are ensured
  • The hardness measuring electronic HME-Compact is equipped with our own HMEWIN Software
  • Selection device for the testing forces: 1177/1225/1840/2450/4900/7355/9800/29420 N
  • Technical data: test height of 400mm and radius of 200mm
Suitable testing methods
  • DIN EN ISO 6506 Brinell
  • DIN EN ISO 6507 Vickers