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  • Automatic image evaluation of the test indentation without manual application of the measuring lines
  • Automatic light adjustment for optimum illumination of the test indentation
  • Autofocus for fast and easy focusing of the indentation
HV Eindruck
Different operating modes:
  • Fast individual measurement
  • Order measurement with all order details
Auftrag Einzelmessung
For EHT (CHD) measurements:
  • Support of manual X-axis with micrometer head
  • Support of motorized table for fully automatic EHT measurement
  • Scan function with scan overview
Basic features
Hardness testing according to:
  • Brinell
  • Vickers
  • Rockwell
  • Knoop
- Measurement value recording
- Zoom function of the hardness indentation (only for optical test methods)
- Printout of the test protocol
- Statistical analysis
- Conversion according to DIN 18265
- Backup
- Data export
- Manual light adjustment
- Manual image evaluation
- Print function
Optional features
- Automatic image evaluation
- Automatic light adjustment
- Z-axis support (autofocus)
- EHT-determination (CHD)
- Data transfer to QDAS
- Support of the digital micrometer head for the cross table (EHT-determination)
- Support of the electronic ground glass with transfer, evaluation and fast approach of the indentation
System requirements
- CPU from Intel® Core™ i3 or higher
- At least 4GB RAM & at least 10GB free hard disk space
- 6 x USB ports (of which at least 1 x USB3.0, recommended 1 x USB port internal for USB dongle)
- Monitor resolution: Vertical format min. 1080x1920 pixels
- Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 (64bit)