Company history
1988 Established as ESI Eisenhut and Stegmaier Industrieelektronik GmbH, Wendlingen, Mörikestr. 12, emerged from the engineering offices from Klaus Eisenhut and Thomas Stegmaier
1989 Moving to the Achalmstr. in Wendlingen, Developement of MPS-System components for the spring testing technology
1995 NeuffenstrMoving to the Neuffenstr. 80, Installation of multiaxial force-displacement measuring systems created by a specially designed programming language Flex with the application in crankshaft testing machines.
1998 Installation, commissioning and maintenance services of special testing machines
2002 Change of name in ESI Prüftechnik GmbH due to a substantially extended range of services
2003 Enlargement of the calibration team
2004 DKD accreditation for hardness and spring testing machines
2009 Installation of HMEWin on Windows Compact Edition
2013 Development and production of measuring standards for hardness testing (Hardness refernce blocks)
2015 ADK54Moving into the new company building
2018 Extension of accreditation for ASTM calibration
2021 Extension of accreditation to include the measurand torque